Moody Fellow Praise

A “brisk, clever take on the coming-of-age debut novel.

Publishers Weekly

“This is the funniest book I’ve read in a long time.”

—Benjamin Rybeck, Three Guys One Book

“Watson … calls to mind the best of Vonnegut.”

—Zach VandeZande, American Microreviews

“There is so much to enjoy about this novel. Watson’s prose is at times beautiful and haunting.”

—Melanie Cordova, Santa Fe Writers Project

“Watson’s craft is as captivating as it is graceful. Please read this book.”

—Joseph Scapellato, Heavy Feather

“Watson pens a darkly comic novel. … The author’s voice rings dry and witty, sardonic and melancholy.”

—Brock Kingsley, Paste Magazine

“Watson’s prose is fresh, self-aware and poignant (in the key of Spike Jonze).”

—Hannah Stephenson, Bibliohio

Absolutely worth reading, including for the willingness to buck traditional expectations of narration and style.”

—Audrey Quinn, New Pages


“Anyone who loves language will devour this book.”

—Tessa Mellas, on HTML Giant

“‘Against Specificity’ … is among the most extraordinary stories I’ve ever read.”

—Kyle Minor, on the Missouri Review’s blog


—Lev Grossman, Time book critic, in an interview with Barnes & Noble

“A promising start, and a clear-headed debut.”

—Tobias Carroll, on Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Some of the greatest pleasures of Watson’s collection are the jokes he plays on the reader.”

—Elizabeth Zaleski, in The Journal

A “promising first book … Watson’s world is like a Möbius strip made of flypaper … These tales … will stick with you.”

—Michael Autrey, in Booklist

“Doug Watson has some mad writing skills.”

—Julie P., in Booking Mama

“With a wicked humor and a sense of the absurd somewhere between Beckett and George Saunders, Watson makes us laugh while pointing out the irrationality of our desires.”

—Peter Grandbois, in Rain Taxi

It’s a truly standout collection, in the vein of some of the great satirists and absurdists, writers like Vonnegut, Barthelme, and Coover.

—Michael Czyzniejewski, on Story 366