2022: The New Yorker publishes my essay “Unexpected Medieval Family Counselling”

Which is about the time my wife and kids attacked me with foam swords.

2020: The New Yorker publishes “Ammon Bundy Explains His ‘Liberty’ Quarantine Rebellion”

I don’t know how it happened. Ammon Bundy took over my mind and used it to explain his stance on coronavirus quarantine restrictions in Idaho.

2016: McSweeney’s publishes “Bartleby, the Senator: A Story of Merrick Garland”

In this little satire I wrote, a reporter interviews Senate majority leader Bartleby, who simply would prefer not to meet with President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

2016: I can’t write poetry, but my wife can

Please join me in congratulating my wife, whose name is Michelle Y. Burke, on the publication of her first poetry collection, Animal Purpose, winner of Ohio University Press’s Hollis Summers Poetry Prize. Hooray, Michelle!

2015: West Branch Wired publishes “The Man Whose Face Fell Off”

Thanks to guest editor Christine Schutt for choosing, and introducing, my story “The Man Whose Face Fell Off” for the Spring 2015 issue of West Branch Wired.

2015: Time magazine’s website publishes my interview with Phil Klay

Please read my Q&A with National Book Award winner Phil Klay. My favorite part is what he says about Donald Rumsfeld.

2014: My latest attempt at self-justification…

Please read some musings of mine, published at the Lookout Books blog under the title “Why I Make Fun of Philosophers.”

2014: Watch the MOODY FELLOW promotional video! It’ll take you 47 seconds.


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