Cover art by Dirty Bandits; cover photograph by Elysia A. Smith; cover design by Sandy Knight

Advance praise for The Era of Not Quite:

Herein find fiction full of whimsy, wit, hurt and terror. Wicked, as in wickedly funny, is in the mix, too, along with a prose style both seductive and sly. Any one of Doug Watson’s first collection of stories, The Era of Not Quite, can mend a broken world.”

Christine Schutt, author of Prosperous Friends and finalist for the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize

Once upon a time, an acquaintance of Kurt Vonnegut, having read all of the writer’s books, accused Vonnegut of putting bitter coatings on very sweet pills, and I am here to level the same charge against Douglas Watson. Yes, this collection is a relentless catalogue of frailty, folly, and mortal misery, but if you look beyond the cholera, the neck wounds, the burning feet, the bleached bones, the voids, the caves, the deaths at sea, the stillborn babes, the senseless yearnings of the heart, the grief and despair and profound loneliness, then what you will find, reader, is a tender, lovely, elegant celebration of the very idea of life, of living. These are vital and exceptional tales.”

Chris Bachelder, author of Abbott Awaits